Saturday, July 11, 2015

Detroit's Renaissance Center From the Inside

From late April to mid-June, I had the opportunity to work on a project inside Detroit's Renaissance Center, aka the Ren Cen. This seven-tower complex dominates Detroit's skyline. The 73-story center tower is Detroit's tallest building and is famous for its views of downtown, Canada, and Southeast Michigan.

I had an office with windows in Tower 400, and the view captivated me every day.

This was my view.
Fog blankets the river and the Canadian shore.
A peaceful morning on the Detroit River.
A ship called the Puffin was anchored off the RiverWalk for weeks.
A tugboat pushing a barge and a freighter pass each other.
There was something peaceful about watching freighters pass.
The Ren Cen casting its shadow over the river.
Belle Isle and its bridge
Windows are everywhere in the Ren Cen, not just the towers. Sometimes I had to pause to take in the views from inside the building when heading out for a walk downtown or along the RiverWalk.

A view of Windsor, Ontario, through GM's Wintergarden.
I believe this window is in the 2nd floor elevator shaft of Tower 400.
Looking up through windows on the concourse that connects the towers.
Looking through two windows at an escalator.
Another view of the center tower through windows below.
My floor in Tower 400 contained several offices. I would take an occasional break and walk around the hallway along the perimeter of my floor. I especially enjoyed seeing Detroit, Canada, and the river through the windows of these offices.

Downtown through an office window.
More downtown through an office window.
The Ambassador Bridge in the distance.
A little more Canada.
I loved the views from Tower 400's elevators.

Not a bad elevator ride to start the day.
A view from the east side elevators in Tower 400.
The river looks beautiful, even on a cloudy day.
When I learned that my key card allowed me to go to any floor in each tower of the Ren Cen, I decided to show up early to work one morning so I could take in the view from the top of the four towers that surround the center tower.

In the Tower 300 elevator, looking back at where I worked.
Comerica Park and Ford Field in the distance.
The Marriott sign on the center tower with Canada in the background.
A view of downtown between the Ren Cen's towers.
A view from Tower 300 of a hazy sunrise over the river.
Our friendly neighbors in Windsor, Ontario.
Jefferson Avenue from Tower 200.
Belle Isle from Tower 200.
I love this city.
The Motor City.
The building on the right has a running track on the roof.
The People Mover.
Towers 500 and 600. The little towers.
One last picture. Although it's a sunrise, it looks like this ship is sailing off into the sunset.

Detroit is beautiful.


  1. The Renaissance Center definitely has some amazing views! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of downtown, Canada, and the river!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy you enjoyed the photos.