Sunday, June 28, 2015

Detroit Is Alive

Since moving back to Michigan in September, I have worked in Detroit for about half the time I have been here, with the other half in offices in Southfield. I recently began a new job farther out in the suburbs, and though I am enjoying this new opportunity, I will miss being in Detroit on a nearly daily basis.

Almost two years ago, I was upset that an internet search of Detroit produced results such as "Detroit is dead" or "Detroit is a dump." I presented photographic evidence to rebut those claims in a post titled Detroit Is More Than They Say It Is.

Today, a Google search of "Detroit is" turns up words like "magical" or "different" instead of dead. Though the city still has a lot of work to do, it is a magical place, and it definitely is different from other places.

Detroit Is Blossoming

A view of the Renaissance Center from Hart Plaza in the Spring
Detroit Is Proud

Spirit of Detroit mural at Checker Bar
Detroit Is Welcoming

Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood
Detroit Is Festive

A pumpkin in the window of the Detroit Institute of Bagels in October
Detroit Has History

Detroit's famous Pewabic Pottery
Detroit Is Urban

A view of Detroit
Detroit Is Hungry

Enjoying a sandwich from Slows in Cadillac Square
Detroit Has Architecture

Book Tower
Detroit Is Sunny

A sunny morning downtown
Detroit Is Nautical

Detroit's Port Authority
Detroit Has Art

One piece of public art along the RiverWalk
Detroit Stands Tall

Guardian Building
Detroit Has Fun

Skateboarding competition at Hart Plaza
Detroit Is Beautiful

View of  downtown from Hart Plaza
Detroit Has Boating

A boat races along the river on a quiet morning
Detroit Has Nature

Milliken State Park along the RiverWalk
Detroit Is International

Canada is just south of Detroit
Detroit Knows Beer

Motor City Brewing Works is one of many craft brewers in Detroit
Detroit Is Majestic

Wayne County Building
There's only one Detroit, and we are lucky to have it.

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