Friday, June 14, 2019

Michigan Men's Rowing's Unparalleled Success

When I'm not blogging, I also write freelance articles for various publications. Here is a link to my latest article about collegiate club sport (non-varsity) athletes finding success at high levels after college:

The article features athletes and teams from around the country, and one of them is the extremely successful University of Michigan men's rowing team. The article discusses Michigan's track record of placing rowers on national and Olympic teams, including Tom Peszek of Farmington Hills. Check out the article to learn more about Tom's inspiring story and the Michigan rowing team's recipe for success.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Allow Myself to Reintroduce Myself

A view from the Empire Bluff Trail last fall.

For four years, I endeavored to write a few blog posts per month about Michigan. I enjoyed reading books by Michigan authors, trying new restaurants, visiting new towns, and immersing myself in everything Michigan.

But four years is a lot of time to write about the same subject, especially when not getting paid for it and trying to balance my real job, family, and new love for running. I also ran into some negative feedback, and I decided it was time for a break.

A couple people have recently suggested that I bring this blog back after shelving it for more than a year. I've also found myself thinking about posts that would be good for this blog over the last few months. So I have decided to revive Lifelong Michigander, and I figure there's no better time than the first day of spring to do so.

I'm looking forward to new adventures, and I hope more than a few people come along for the ride.