Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Michigan Home is Where the Lakes Are

Home. It's not just a word, a place of origin, or a destination. It's more than where the heart is. It's where the soul is. You may not even know where it is until you find it, but when you find it, you feel whole.

My family and I found our home in an area of Oakland County that we did not originally plan to move to. We did not know the area well, but when we found it, we fell in love with the natural beauty of the area's many lakes.

When we first bought our home in the fall, we were surrounded by a stunning canopy of red, orange, and yellow leaves hovering above the area's lakes' blue waters.

Fall in Michigan
Every day is a postcard when you live near lakes
By the time we moved into our house, fall was quickly becoming winter, but we were treated to beautiful mornings of pink skies, ever changing ice formations along the lakes, or light dustings of snow on the ground.

Ice forming around the edge of a lake under a pink and blue sky
A rowboat longing for spring
Although I live much farther from Detroit than I originally intended and spend more time in the car than I wanted, I have been rewarded with morning and afternoon commutes highlighted with stunning sunsets that compelled me to pull over to absorb the spectacular moment.

The sun reflecting off Orchard Lake
Pine Lake at sunset
A bench on a lake at sunset
As fall turned to winter, my commutes were painted with bright orange and blue skies over snow-covered lakes and treetops.

A sunset through the trees
We moved after the water and air were too cold to enjoy water sports, but I rediscovered the joy of ice skating on my neighborhood lake and sledding down snow-covered hills.

Turning a lake into an ice rink
We haven't been back long enough to experience the long summer days and weekends spent on the water, but we have made so many memories in our first few months living in Michigan. We did not know exactly what we were looking for when we moved back, but we found it along the shores of Oakland County's lakes. We found a home.

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