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Interested in Guest Blogging?

First, thank you for your interest in my blog and for your desire to promote the state of Michigan. If you think you have a story that needs to be told about the Great Lakes State, I would be happy to discuss publishing it on Lifelong Michigander.

I mostly am interested in original stories about the parts of Michigan outside of Metro Detroit (the Thumb, West Michigan, Up North, the U.P., etc.). I mostly write about Detroit and its suburbs because that’s where I am from, and I unfortunately have not had time recently to visit the rest of Michigan.

However, I would be happy to hear about new story ideas for Detroit/Southeast Michigan, especially if it is something I have no familiarity with or I was not planning to write about.

What am I looking for?

I am interested in original content featuring just about anything positive going on Michigan. I would entertain stories about businesses, people, nonprofits, restaurants, vacation destinations, outdoor activities, etc. 

Also, I would really prefer one or two pictures to go along with a post.

What I don’t want!

Politics! Nothing about political parties, political candidates, court decisions, etc.

Negativity. In other words, don’t trash something else to make Michigan look good.

How long should a blog post be?

I generally am looking for posts around 500 words, but something longer or shorter might work. If I like the topic and the writing, a shorter post will likely work. If I feel it’s too long, I could always trim a post that is too long.

Will guest posts be edited?
I will proofread and edit posts for grammar, spelling, and content. In other words, I might change a few things and/or cut sections of your post if I think they do not mesh with the overall feel of the blog.

What are the rules for photos or videos?

If you are savvy enough to take good videos, I would be interested in a video that corresponds with your post. For example, if you are kayaking on one of Michigan’s many lakes or rivers, a corresponding video would be nice to have too.

Please only use photos/videos that you have taken. If you have express permission to use another person's photos/videos, please let me know who took the photos/videos so I may give proper credit.

Can you publish your guest blog post on other sites?

First, I would ask that any guest blog post be original content, in other words, that it has not been posted/published anywhere before. However, I would be okay with guest blog posts being published elsewhere after three to five days on this site, so long as it links back to the original post on Lifelong Michigander.

Are you still interested in guest blogging?

Please contact me by email at LLMich1837@gmail.com. Tell me what your story idea is and why you are interested in writing about it. Also, please let me know what city you currently live in. You don’t have to currently live in Michigan, but you obviously must have some firsthand knowledge of your proposed topic.

Finally, if you have already written something that you would like me to post, you can send that too, but please let me know if you have submitted it anywhere else. I will review it and determine whether it is right for this blog.

Thanks again for your interest in Lifelong Michigander.


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