Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Leap of Faith at Christmas

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Every December, John Lennon repeatedly bombards me with this question, and my answer will always be “not enough.” I also believe the answer always should be “not enough” for anyone who is honest with himself or herself.

Even though we might not have done enough this year, the end of the year is not the time to sit around and rue the mistakes that we have made and the hours that we have wasted. Instead, we should take the time to think about ways to leave this world better off than the way we received it. After all, Lennon does remind us that even though another year is over, a new one is beginning.

I am taking a big leap of faith this year. I recently resigned my position as a prosecutor after serving my community for six years. During that time, I sought truth and justice, and I believe that I found them more times than not. However, when thinking about what I have done with my talents during the last year, I found myself saying “not enough” and knowing that a change was necessary.

Despite working for a great man and with wonderful colleagues, I could no longer bear seeing the results of people acting at their worst on a daily basis. I never stopped believing in my work, but I reached a point where I wanted to bring joy to this world instead of justice. Justice is necessary for a well-ordered society, but joy is necessary for a life worth living.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

So what now? How am I going to bring at least a little bit of joy to this world? If I am completely honest with myself, I do not know, but I will not let my own fear of failure prevent me from finding out.

I am taking some time to rediscover what is important to me. I will write more; I will assess my career options; and, most importantly, I will spend quality time with my family without worrying about the argument I should have made, the victim I could not help or the defendant who got away.

I will of course continue to blog about the many Michiganders who inspire me. I will continue to try to spread the good news about my home state.

I also will appreciate the beauty surrounding me instead of worrying about the next case to hit my desk. I will find the things that make me happy and will share them with others on this blog and elsewhere.

I will not forget to laugh. I will not forget to love. I will not forget to give. I will not forget to believe. I will not forget to smile.

With two young daughters, there are two things that they absolutely will not allow me to forget:

I will not forget to dance.

And I will not forget to sing.

Next year when John Lennon asks me what I have done, my answer will again be “Not enough,” but I hope that I will have tried a lot harder than this year to have done enough to bring joy to the world.

Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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